Yog xav tau kev pab txhais cov lus nyob hauv peb qhov webpage no, thov tham nrog Shong Her. Sau tau email rau: shher@pointschools.net los sis hu rau 715-340-0656.

Para asistencia traducir la informacion en nuestra pagina de web, por favor pongase en contacto con Gricel Freund a  gfreund@pointschools.net o 715-498-1976.

Submitted E-mail communications via the district web page contact form or any other electronic form may be subject to open records requests under Wis. Stats. § 19.35(2). Communication over district networks is not considered private, and there should be no expectation of privacy for any messages sent or received via the district e-mail system.

The Stevens Point Area Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, sexual orientation or disability.  The District Equal Access Statement can be viewed here. The Director of Student Services is the district's compliance officer. If you have concerns, please call (715) 345-5454.